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..and not made by me..hurrah!

Last week the kids and I had the pleasure of receiving our very first order of goodies from local company, Om Nom Nourish.

Om Nom Nourish are based in Tonbridge and make a wonderful selection of savory and sweet full-of-goodness homemade snacks. “Bliss balls” are popular in our house and when time allows I usually make various different kinds – they are the perfect after school snack. But of course the truth is, life just gets in the way and I haven’t made anything like this for ages. What a delight to discover Om Nom Nourish and see that the ingredients she uses are gluten free, dairy free, no refined sugar. Exactly as I would make them!

We bought 3 different kinds of Om Nom Nourish Nuggets to try. No Tella (Dates, coconut, hazelnut butter, raw cacao), Cookie Dough Bites (Cashew nuts, oats, maple syrup, cacao nibs, vanilla, cinnamon, salt. ) and Carrot Cake (Walnuts, almonds, cashews, carrot, coconut, dried pineapple, dates, cinnamon, vanilla, salt).

So one day after school last week the boys did a blind taste test to discover their favourites!

Results listed by child in order of which they liked best.

Little: Carrot Cake, No Tella then Cookie Dough with a big thumbs up for them all

Middle: No Tella, Carrot Cake then Cookie Dough. And another thumbs up

Big: Cookie Dough, No Tella then Carrot Cake. He gave a thumps up to the first two but wasn’t too fussed by the carrot cake version.

If you are used to eating quite sweet things these may not be to your taste but we found them to be perfect.

They are all made fresh to order and for a delivery fee can also be delivered to the local area, otherwise you collect from Tonbridge. At £4.00 for 6 nuggets and £7.50 for 12 nuggets they aren’t the cheapest snack (especially at the rate my 3 boys devoured them!) but I certainly don’t mind paying for quality ingredients and I’d be willing to pay anything to not have to slave in the kitchen any longer than I already do. We will definitely be ordering again – might need to try the brownies and the cookies next!