Celebrating our successes…..

The behaviour of my middle son was the catalyst that led us down this path over 4 years ago and I’m amazed every day at everything I have learned along the way! When we moved to the UK last year I lost my way a bit, we were still what I considered “healthy”. Certainly healthier than “other people”. But I stopped fermenting, slipped in more packaged convenience foods and succumbed a little to peer pressure with the amount of sweets the kids ate at school and with friends. Then a single course of antibiotics for a chest infection toppled the scale. It’s wonderful to report that all our renewed effort with what we are putting in our bodies is paying off! What a difference in a few months. We’ve reduced grains, eliminated refined sugars and just eat real food. We’ve also increased consumption of fermented foods and drinks and tailored a supplement protocol based on functional tests (23andme DNA, urine and stool and about to run a hair test for mineral analysis). Tackling yeast and actively altering the gut biome has been most significant. Adding back in a very low dose of magnesium citrate was a big winner! And Epsom salt baths every other day have also played a part. Great article linked here which  speaks to how and why Epsom salt baths help so many kids (not just those with autism). Our home is a happier one again. My boy is coping better with life and I am coping better with my boy. The school are thrilled. Last week my middle son’s teacher said to me “can you do whatever it is you do with a few other boys in this class too!” Hopefully by sharing our journey on this page then in some small way I can.

Pho Friday – Beef Bone Broth Noodle Soup

We’ve found the perfect place to add pho into our menu rotation. Pho Friday!

The key to this recipe is a good quality beef bone broth base. I make my own, simmering pasture fed bones and organic veg for 48 hours to extract as much gelatin and collagen from the bones as possible. I’ll post the recipe next week. In the absence of bone broth, beef stock would be ok although I’m not sure a beef stock cube would produce the desired result.


4 cups beef bone broth (unsalted)
3 cups filtered water
1 tablespoon fish sauce
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